Avalawn Inc.

Preparing your lawn for the winter months is vital for it to thrive when spring arrives:

August - October:

• Fertilizer

• Weed Control

• Grub inspection

• Grub control if needed (add'l cost)

Our experienced and professional lawn care crews do their best to make sure your lawn looks the best in your neighborhood. If you have any questions about the care of your lawn, give us a call and let us show you the difference! We pride ourselves on giving you the personal service you deserve.

Get expert care for your lawn

Spring & Summer Care

During the spring and summer months, we will make sure your lawn is taken care of:

February - May:

• Crabgrass control

• Fertilizer

• Weed control

Fall & Winter Care

Our residential services

Expert care for your lawn is only a phone call away. Our company has the tools to handle even largest and most hilly properties. Don't pay too much for your lawn care service.  

Call our professional team to keep your lawn beautiful year round!


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May - July:

• Fertilizer

• Weed Control

• Nutsedge Control Program


October - December:

• Fertilizer